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We provide a variety of services to address the supply and demand sides of the data networking and telecom market, with strong quantitative and qualitative analysis. Our services are relied on by all players in the market: equipment and software vendors, service providers, chip and component manufacturers, test and measurement companies, and financial institutions.

Continuous Research Services (CRS)

  Our CRS services are series of provocative, timely, and insightful reports delivered on an ongoing basis throughout the year. These services:
  • Help you make quick, strategic business decisions; position your company, products, and services based on up-to-the-minute expert opinion; and stay competitive in fast-changing markets
  • Include surveys on hot topics and vendor ratings
  • Address the most relevant topics in hot markets, including important technology shifts, noteworthy regional activity, key product announcements, significant M&A activity, and more

Market Share, Market Size, and Forecasts

  We use a time-proven forecasting process.
  • Our forecasts are built from and tied to actual data, and we update actuals and review short- and long-term forecasts with each report delivery, providing reasoning for adjustments
  • We draw from our in-depth demand-side research, supply-side research, and knowledge of services, products, and technologies to provide accurate, reliable forecasts, reflecting data from all sides of the market

Our timely quarterly, biannual, and annual services provide:
  • Equipment, service, and subscriber forecasts for service provider, enterprise, and consumer markets
  • Worldwide, regional, and select by-country analysis and forecasts
  • Product classification, showing vendors and products tracked by category
  • Qualitative analysis, including fundamental drivers of the market, top player and segment analysis, product developments, and customer wins
  • Highlights from our demand-side studies
  • Overall telecom/datacom drivers with excerpts from our service provider capex reports

Survey Research and Analysis

  We have a long history of providing in-depth survey research and analysis on important telecom and data networking markets and technologies. Our survey research will help you:
  • Design, market, and sell more effectively to service providers and end-users
  • Position company and products with the criteria buyers use to select manufacturers, service providers, products, and services
  • Compete more effectively and increase revenue by developing products and services using buyer feature wish lists

Survey research services include the opportunity for sponsors to help refine research topics.

Service Providers
Our service provider market research studies provide:

  • Detailed survey work with incumbent telcos, competitive telcos, MSOs, and mobile operators worldwide
  • In-depth quantitative and qualitative analysis on trends, drivers, barriers, preferences, and strategies on important markets and technologies
  • Current buyer thinking, including purchase process and buying trends
  • Service provider ratings of top vendors, including a scorecard clients can use to position against the competition and highlight strengths
  • Analysis of the similarities and differences between service provider types and regions, including North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Latin America/Caribbean
  • Strategic marketing and product recommendations

Our end-user market research studies provide:

  • Detailed survey work with small, medium, and large organizations in North America, including some vertical analysis
  • In-depth quantitative and qualitative analysis on trends, drivers, barriers, preferences, and strategies on important markets and technologies
  • Current buyer thinking, including purchase process and buying trends
  • Scorecards with end-user ratings of top vendors, including a scorecard clients can use to position against the competition and highlight strengths
  • Analysis of the similarities and differences between small, medium, and large organization buying trends
  • Strategic marketing and product recommendations


Service Provider Capex and Subscriber Analysis and Forecasts

  Keeping tabs on the ever-evolving service provider market is important for doing business in the telecom space. In these services, we provide detailed metrics on individual service providers worldwide long-term forecasts by service provider type, and insightful analysis. These services:
  • Provide in-depth data and analysis on global service provider trends and the overall spending environment—by region, sub-region, and service provider segment
  • Track individual service provider revenue, capex, opex, subscribers, ARPU, and more, for telco, competitive, cable, and mobile operators
  • Forecast by service provider their revenue and capex and break out capex for wireline and wireless
  • Provide long-term forecasts for capex and revenue by service provider type, by region
  • Break out capex by telecom equipment type and provide a short-term forecast by service provider type and region—by sizing and forecasting most of the telecom equipment market and constantly interacting with service providers, we are in a unique position to provide this research

Consulting, Retainers, and Quick Consults

  Our consulting, retainers, and quick consults are tailored to your needs and are available from 1-hour quick consults to multi-analyst annual retainers. Some of the many ways we can assist you:
  • Critique and make recommendations on existing marketing strategy and product and marketing rollout plans
  • Test corporate positioning and product messages
  • Provide tactical advice on marketing and business plans, presentations, news releases, and other collateral
  • Introduce clients to potential network industry partners, customers, and suppliers
  • Offer assessments, opinions, and advice on any networking and telecommunications subjects
  • Provide analyst quotes for news releases and product announcements
  • Speak with trade press, business press, and investment analysts

Webinar, Conference, and Event Speaking

  Our analysts are among the most respected, experienced, and quoted in the industry. As recognized experts with strong visibility and credibility, our analysts develop content for, chair, and speak at conferences and events around the world and moderate webinars throughout the year. Our analysts:
  • Leverage strong technical and market knowledge to provide honest, unbiased opinions backed by empirical data
  • Draw audiences to events with data and analysis from our market share and forecast reports, service provider and end-user survey studies, and other research
  • Provide experienced keynote speakers, session speakers, panel moderators, and panel members to educate audiences and lead debates on networking and telecom topics
  • Present objective data and insightful analysis for conferences and webinars to educate customers and press

Custom Brand and Demand-Side Market Research

  Our years of experience conducting in-depth survey-based research make us uniquely qualified to meet our clients’ specific needs through custom brand and demand-side research. Ways we can help you with custom research:
  • Determine immediate and future product needs
  • Define a new market space
  • Prove your product saves money or increases productivity
  • Create the most effective marketing and positioning messages
  • Understand your customers’ problems
  • Identify market needs for your product
  • Analyze the market potential for new products or services

Custom Market Size and Forecasts

  We are uniquely positioned to provide custom market sizing and emerging technology forecasting, based on nearly 2 decades of telecom and datacom market size and forecast experience. Ways we can help you with custom research:
  • Determine market size and forecast growth
  • Validate business and product plans
  • Understand your market space and your position within it
  • Strategically plan the lifespan of your products
  • Endorse marketing campaigns

Technology and White Papers

  We write select technology and white papers for clients that agree with our take on the market. Clients use these papers to explain new technologies and identify market needs for products and services for which they have solutions, thus opening sales opportunities. These are used to educate users, resellers, the press, IT professionals, corporate management, the financial community, and sales teams. Our objective white papers, product briefs, and case studies:
  • Include empirical data from our research, such as survey results or market forecasts
  • Are done under the IHS brand
  • Include an unlimited reprint license

Competitive Analysis and Due Diligence

  We can also provide competitive analysis on emerging technology products and companies and due diligence on companies from a technology market perspective. These services help clients:
  • Identify key competitors’ strengths and weaknesses
  • Strategically position your products against your competitors’
  • Stay abreast of competitive product offerings
  • Provide due diligence results to investors

"Globally, the enterprise session border (eSBC) controller market reached $293 million in 2015, growing 8 percent from the prior year."

Diane Myers, Senior Research Director,
VoIP, UC and IMS


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